Every day is a new discovery: that’s how we look at the world of real estate.


The real estate branch is a journey of discovery. Every year new sectors enter the economic market, in the need of proper and tailored locations. Sedna is ahead of its time, because it is able to spot the venues of the future.


We actively support the birth and the development of new commercial hubs.


Our role is exactly what it is supposed to be in this business segment: step up the timetable by looking for “new spaces” (the so called “scouting”) which are bound to add value (real estate investment brokering and managing).


“An empty space is a space full of future”. The specific market requests encourage us to enhance all possible real estate solutions.


Sedna supports the development of new real estate opportunities: planning, assistance, counseling and service enable our clients to choose the best answer for their project (in business and in life).

Our services



Whether you are a buyer or not, we can help you along the path, so that you can easily reach your goals:


  • purchase counseling
  • market research and analysis
  • investment memorandum drafting
  • investment opportunity report
  • possible investor introduction
  • contract negotiation


We provide professional advice about the sale and rental of properties for various aims: business, management, logistics or restaurants.

Our policy is to leave no stone unturned: our work is based on the acknowledgement, the research and the market analysis. We offer a wide range of leasing (for lessors and lessees) and consulting on the development projects, by:

  • targeting the potential end-users
  • property research and purchase counseling
  • negotiation and renegotiation of contracts
  • individual task marketing and advertising


Through the market research and analysis, we can establish the actions to be taken in order to reach new clients and marketplaces.



  • Sedna can provide the right piece of advice during every step of the real estate transaction, in order to support the strategic decisions of the customer.